About Us

We believe we can live in a world where self-care is our priority. If we care for our health, our mind, and the things we own, we can care for others. 

We don’t agree with the “everything is disposable” mentality, so with that in mind, we have created Undershower: a product that can be used anywhere but that we recommend it is used in the shower. 

We like to think that starting the day with a short ritual of caring for our underwear can remind us of the importance of appreciation. We have been washing our underwear in the shower for decades; we have taught it to our children and now want to share it with you. 

This is a product designed for that short time when the water runs cold and we wait for it to get warm. However, you can use it anywhere, any time. 

We have many reasons to believe you will enjoy Undershower.


Today we can share everything!  Ideas, photos, thoughts, and opinions, but some things should be kept private.  

We invite you to wash your most sensitive clothes in one of the most private moments and places in your day: while you shower.

Because what is yours is only yours.


Taking care of your most intimate clothes is an essential part of self-care. 

It may sound obvious, but your health is at stake when your underwear or swimwear is not adequately cleaned. Wearing clean clothes is as essential as brushing your teeth and taking a shower every day. 

Wash your swimsuits well immediately after use to prevent mildew and health risks. Wash your underwear daily to prevent bacteria from growing between laundry loads. 

Wash while you shower or in the bathroom sink with Undershower. 

Take care of yourself, and the world will take care of you.


We live in a world where suddenly everything is disposable. At Undershower, we don’t like that. 

A culture of appreciation for what we work hard to get inspired our product. We believe clothes should last long, and taking care of them is a way to extend their lives. Our 8 FL OZ bottle will give you 150 pumps of life for your clothes, which means fewer clothes in the trash and fewer resources wasted because clothes can last longer. 

Love yourself and love the world.