Finally, a detergent that's specially designed to wash your underwear and your swimwear while you shower.

Wash your underwear in the shower.

Wash your swimwear in the shower.


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Sometimes you don't have a good hook in your bathroom to put your underwear or bathing suit to dry, so we look for some options that may interest you and we offer them in this section. Hope you like them.


"I wash my underwear when I'm taking a shower. For me, cleaning my intimates well is very important. I don’t want them to sit around until I can do a full load".

Sophie Arnaud

"My mom always said: Your underwear is only yours. No one else should touch it. I am glad I can now wash in the shower, my most intimate moment".

Maria Del Mar Olivieri

"Yesss, I like to keep my swimwear always clean and new. With Undershower, no washing machine for my bikinis starting now.”

Jenny Clark

Our feelings.

What's yours is only yours.

Today we can share everything, ideas, photos, thoughts and greetings everywhere, but a few things better to remain in our privacy. 

Wash your most sensitive clothes at your own time, wash your underwear while you shower.

Because yours is only yours.

Self care is self love.

Taking care of yourself is loving yourself, we know that. But what do we say when we talk about taking care of yourself?

For us it is in every way, taking care of your heart, your health, your family, your friends, your relationships, but it always starts with taking care of yourself.

Start taking care of yourself and the world will take care of you.

Caring for your delicates is caring for yourself.

Our most delicate clothes should always be clean, as clean as if it were new.

Wash your underwear or your swimwear with the same care as when you bathe, that is to love you and a lot.

Undershower on the web.

Get This: Wash Your Undergarments And/Or Swimwear In The Shower by Chloe Gordon

Keeping the garments, you wear under your clothes clean is as important as keeping your skin clean. Because of this, Undershower was created. The product ensures that if you can wash your underwear and/or swimsuits in the shower. 

On the brand's website, they state, "Don't Waste a Drop of Water! Turn the shower on and clean your swimwear while you wait for the water to warm up. Next, gently lather your swimwear with a few drops of Undershower. Rinse, hang, and let air dry." It's as simple as that. 

Continuing the simple mindset, the packaging for the product is simple as well. It is showcasing the brand's logo with straightforward typography arranged in a rectangular shape framing a descriptive illustration of what the product can cleanse. It's as easy as one, two, three, and clean.



Undershower makes gentle cleansers specially designed to wash underwear and swimwear while in the shower.

Undershower is an environmentally friendly detergent, created to wash you underwear, swimwear and other delicates in the shower.
Many people have the habit of washing their delicate clothes by hand. They do it to take extra care of their fine fabrics, to protect them from getting mixed with regular clothes or simply because they consider these types of clothes to be intimate.
That is why many people wash their underwear or swimwear in the only place that’s totally private: in the bathroom. And I tell you more, they also do it while taking a shower.